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Karnak Temple - Luxor - Egypt
The sacred Karnak Temple is one of the many historical sites in the surroundings of Luxor in Egypt

Intro :: Travelling in Egypt

Egypt must be one of the most fascinating countries to visit! Ancient pyramids in Giza, Islamic architecture in Cairo, royal tombs in Thebes, sacred temples in Luxor, and lovely beaches along the Red Sea - Egypt has it all!

Although most of the people get there with a previously booked tour package, getting around in Egypt is fairly easy. Trains are running along the River Nile Valley from Cairo to Aswan several times a day, including the deluxe overnight sleeper train which is very practical for travellers despite the high fare. Alternatively buses can be used to get to most destinations although sometimes they have to be in police escorted convoys due to terrorist threats. Now this sounds more serious than it really is, Egypt is now considered a reasonably save place for the independent traveller too.

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Historical Thebes

Medinet Habu Temple Thebes
Medinet Habu Temple is located on the West Bank of Luxor
Ancient Egyptian Writing
Ancient Egyptian writing hieroglyphs - Thebes
Hatshepsut Deir el Bahri Thebes
Hatshepsut Deir el Bahri Temple - Thebes
Valley of the Kings Thebes
Tombs of Pharaoes in the Valley of the Kings - Thebes

Luxor and Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple in Luxor town
Spices Market Luxor
Colorful Spices Market in Luxor

Aswan - Southern Egypt

Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple in southern Egypt
Elephantine Island Aswan
Elephantine Island - Aswan
Feluccas River Nile
Typical Egyptian boats the Feluccas on the River Nile
Philae Temple Aswan
Philae Temple - Aswan

Cairo - Capital City of Egypt


Sphinx Cheops Pyramid Giza Cairo
The Great Sphinx as a temple guardian of Cheops Pyramid in Giza near Cairo
Mykerinos Chephren Pyramids Giza Cairo
The Pyramids of Giza in the outskirts of Cairo are the only remaining of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World
Ibn Tulun Mosque Cairo
Ibn Tulun is the oldest and largest mosque in Cairo
Ibn Tulun Mosque
Fascinating colonnades of the Ibn Tulun Mosque

Cairo City Traffic Chaos - Egyptian Travel Impressions Video

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