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Buddha statues at Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok - Thailand

Intro :: Thailand Southeast Asia

Thailand is definitely one of the most popular destinations for travelers in Southeast Asia. For many it’s because of the fantastic islands and beaches for sunbathing and diving in southern Thailand, others prefer the northern part of the country for the renowned jungle treks to minority tribes or the discovery of lost civilizations at several historical sites. And of course there is Thailand’s dazzling capital Bangkok with its many attractions and you just might stay some more days than you originally planned.

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Bangkok - Capital City of Thailand


Bangkok, the lively capital of the kingdom of Thailand with its old Buddhist temples and modern shopping temples, the futuristic sky train and the ubiquitous tuk-tuk (three-wheeled motorbike passenger transportation), the orange-clad monks and the fashionable transsexuals and transvestites, in one corner the helpful ever-smiling Thai and in the other the greedy tout ready to rip you off, delicious spring rolls and diabolically spicy noodle dishes.

Wat Phra Kaew Temples of the Emerald Buddha BangkokWat Phra Kaew Temples of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok
Emerald Buddha Temple Wat Phra KaewImpressively adorned temple of Wat Phra Kaew
Emerald Buddha Temple BangkokGilded chedi (stupa) of the Emerald Buddha Temple
Wat Ratchanatda Temple BangkokWat Ratchanatda Temple - Bangkok

Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai was the first capital of the emerging Thai kingdom and became a rival to the neighboring Khmer empire at Angkor. Nowadays many temples, stupas and Buddha statues are scattered in an enclosed historical park and its surroundings. Bicycles are an excellent way to get around this vast area of interest.

Elephant Temple Sukhothai Historical ParkElephant Temple in Sukhothai in Northern Thailand
Stupa Sukhothai Historical ParkSukhothai has many temples, stupas and buddha statues

Jungle Trekking Northern Thailand

The lush river valleys and mountains in northern Thailand are good trekking territory even though personally I was somewhat disappointed and found trekking on the Malaysian peninsula and Borneo much more rewarding. Anyway, plenty of travel agencies are glad to help you organize your trip in Chiang Mai. Many include elephant rides, river rafting and bamboo rafting which are all good fun.

Waterfall Jungle Trekking ThailandA Waterfall in thick jungle vegetation
Monkey Jungle Trekking ThailandMonkey greetings in the jungle north of Chiang Mai
Jungle Trekking AccommodationBasic but cosy enough accommodation with locals
Thai foodVillage kids drown some beetles for authentic Thai food
Red Insect Jungle Trek ThailandThailand's jungle boasts a wide range of insects
Elephants ThailandThai Elephants resting in a jungle clearing

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a pleasant city with a nice climate in northern Thailand and it is a good base to explore the surroundings.

Buddha Temple Chiang Mai ThailandOne of the many Buddha temples in Chiang Mai
Buddha Temple Chiang Mai ThailandGilded decoration outside a temple in Chiang Mai

Islands and Beaches in Southern Thailand

There are so many options of islands and beaches in southern Thailand it’s hard to choose one. Consequently it’s best to choose several and indulge yourself in the purest of beach life, some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia.

Beach huts Hat Yao Koh Phangan IslandBeach huts Hat Yao Koh on Phangan Island
Hat Yao Bay Koh Phangan IslandLovely Hat Yao Bay on Koh Phangan Island
Long Beach Koh Phi Phi IslandLong Beach on Kho Phi Phi Island is only a short boat ride away
Koh Phi Phi Island BeachLow tide reveals this beautiful beach on Kho Phi Phi Island
Hat Rai Leh Beach KrabiSecluded Hat Rai Leh Beach near Krabi
Hat Rai Leh Water World Krabi ThailandPinnacle colossus in the stunning water world of Hat Rai Leh

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