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Africa Travel Photography

Boats on Beach on Cabo Verde Islands

Cabo Verde Islands :: Travel Photography
Mountainous interior, vulcano landscapes, wild coastline, spectacular Mountainbike trails, historic foot paths, charming villages.

Photo Gallery: Cabo Verde Islands >>
Travel Website: Mountainbiking on Cabo Verde Island >>

Medinet Habu Temple in Thebes - Egypt Travel Photography

Egpyt :: Travel Photography
Ancient pyramids in Giza, Islamic architecture in Cairo, legendary River Nile, royal tombs in Thebes, sacred temples in Luxor.

Photo Gallery: Egypt >>
Travel Website: Egypt >>

Bahia Palace in Marrakech - Morocco Travel Photography

Morocco :: Landscape Photography
Marrakech and Atlas Mountains with Djebel Toubkal

Photo Gallery: Morocco >>
Travel Website: Morocco >>

Central America and Caribbean Travel Photography

Trinidad - Cuba Travel Photography

Cuba :: Travel Photography
Colonial city of Trinidad, fascinating Vińales National Park, dancing to the salsa beat, gorgeous beach life on the Caribbean at Playa Ancon, historic Havana capital of Cuba.

Photo Gallery: Cuba >>
Travel Website: Cuba >>

Europe Landscape and Travel Photography


Split - Croatia Travel Photography

Croatia :: Travel Photography
Island hopping in the Adriatic Sea in Dalmatia by bike and boat. Lovely beaches on the island of Hvar, historic city of Korcula, the highest elevation in the Adriatic Sea on the island of Brac, National Park on Mljet island.

Photo Gallery: Croatia island hopping >>
Travel Website: Bike Tour Croatia >>

French Alps Landscape Photography

France :: French Alps Landscape Photography
Region Rhône-Alpes, Departments of Haute-Savoie (Upper Savoy) and Savoy: Savoyan Alps, Mont Blanc Massif, Vanoise National Park and Maurienne Valley.

Photo Gallery: French Alps >>
Travel Website: GR5 Trekking >>

Swiss Alps Landscape Photography

Switzerland :: Swiss Alps Landscape Photography
The rugged Rätikon Mountain Range, lovely Engadin Valley, wild Ticino Mountains, fantastic glacier scenery in the Bernese Alps.

Photo Gallery: Swiss Alps >>
Travel Website: Swiss Alps Hiking >>

Mexico Travel Photography

Desert in Baja California - Mexico Travel Photography

Mexico :: Travel Photography Baja California
Fascinating cactus desert landscapes, historical mission churches, pacific coastline and beaches, whale watching.

Photo Gallery: Baja California >>
Travel Website: Reisebericht Baja California >>

Asia Travel Photography

Guilin - China Travel Photography

China :: Travel Photography
Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, Karst scenery along Li River near Guilin, cruise through the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River, Beijing and its famous sites like the Summer Palace, Forbidden Palace and the Great Wall, explore the wild east.

Photo Gallery: China >>
Travel Website: Reisebericht China >>

Hat Rai Leh Beach - Thailand Travel Photography

Thailand :: Travel Photography
Lively Bangkok, historic Sukhothai, provincial Chiang Mai, paradisiac Koh Phi Phi Island, Phangan Island, Hat Rai Leh Beach.

Photo Gallery: Thailand >>
Travel Website: Thailand Travel Information >>

Mount Kinabalu - Malaysia Travel Photography

Malaysia :: Travel Photography
The Island of Borneo with its national parks, jungle, wildlife and the climb of Mount Kinabalu, Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara National Park, Kuala Lumpur.

Photo Gallery: Malaysia >>
Travel Website: Malaysia und Borneo >>

Angkor Wat - Cambodia Travel Photography

Cambodia :: Travel Photography
Royal Phnom Penh, beach party at Sihanoukville, World Heritage Site Angkor Wat.

Photo Gallery: Cambodia >>
Travel Website: Cambodia - Kambodscha >>

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